WoW 5.4: Class Spell Changes for PTR Build 17056 Part 2 | World of Warcraft

WoW 5.4: Class Spell Changes for PTR Build 17056 Part 2 | World of Warcraft
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WoW 5.4: Class Spell Changes for PTR Build 17056 Part 2 | World of Warcraft

A continuation on the upcoming changes to class spells in World of Warcraft patch 5.4.

World of Warcraft patch 5.4 has too many spell changes to reasonably keep track of! I’ll try my best to help you out.

Hunters in WoW 5.4 will see a big change to Arcane Shot, having its damage and focus cost increased by 50%.

The Hunter talents Aspect of the Hawk now reduces all damage that the Hunter takes by 10% (down from the original 15%.).

Marksman Hunters are seeing the following changes: Silencing Shot is no longer a talent and is actually an ability of this spec. Conversely, Blinding Shot is now a talent and no longer a Marskman ability.

Monks are seeing a new visual effect on their spell Ring of Peace in WoW 5.4.

Paladin‘s Turn Evil spell now has a 15 second cool down and the Glyph of Turn Evil will see a change that shall be elaborated on at a later date.

The Paladin talent Burden of Guilt has been replaced with a new talent called Evil is a Point of View. This talent allows the Paladin to use Turn Evil on players and beasts.

Hand of Purity is seeing a buff: it reduces the damage taken from harmful periodif effects by 80% (which is up from the original 70%) and it has an added effect of reducing damage taken from harmful periodic effects that cannot be prevented by immunities by 40%.

Unbreakable Spirit is being made more simple. It now cuts the cooldown of Divine Shield: Divine Protection and Lay on Hands by half.

Glyph of Inquisition has been changed in WoW 5.4. It will now increase the duration of Paladin’s Inquisition by 30 seconds. This effect will happen when a Paladin lands a killing blow on a target that either yields experience or honor and can last for a maximum of 2 minutes.

Retribution Paladins are seeing the following changes: Guardian of the Ancient Kings now has a reduced cooldown of 3 minutes (down from the original 5), but its maximum stacks has been lowered to 12. Inquisition has been buffed so that it lasts 20 seconds (up from 10 seconds) per charge of Holy Power consumed.

Priest’s Leap of Faith has had its facing requirement removed in WoW 5.4.

Angelic Feather has been buffed significantly. It will now increase allies’ movement speed by 80% (originally 60%) and last double its original 5 minute duration.

Divine Insight has been changed for Discipline Priests: it has been buffed so that there is a 100% chance (up from 40%) it will activate its effect after using Penance.

Twist of Fate has been changed so that it requires 35% (originally 20%) healing and damage threshold to activate.

Shadowform is receiving a huge nerf in WoW 5.4 with the removal of its 15% damage reduction.

Rogue‘s Recuperate has been buffed in WoW 5.4. It now restores 4% of maximum health (up from the original 3%) every 3 seconds.

Nightstalker has been buffed so that it will now increase the damage dealt by abilities while stealthed by 50% (up from 25%.)

Killing Spree has had its targeting mechanic changed. It will work normally if Blade Flurry is active. If Blade Flurry is not active, it will hit the Rogue’s target 7 times or it will pick the closest eligible target if none are selected.

Shaman‘s Healing Rain radius has been buffed in WoW 5.4: it is now 12 yards (up from the original 10.)

In WoW 5.4, Astral Shift has had its cooldown reduced by 30 seconds to a total of 90. Unleashed Fury Flametongue Weapon has been buffed so that its increased damage for Lightning Bolt is 30% (up from 20%.)

Glyph of Chaining has been changed so that it will increase the cooldown of Chain Heal by only 2 seconds (down from 4.) Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem will now reduce both cooldown and duration of Fire Elemental Totem by 50% (up from 40%.) Glyph of Riptide will reduce the initial direct healing of Riptide by 75% (down from 90% reduction.)

Enhancement Shamans will now have their Stormstrike debuff affect Elemental Blast. Restoration Shamans will now have the mana cost of Riptide reduced by 25%.

Warlock‘s Fel Armor no longer reduces all damage taken by 10%, but instead increase health by 10% and the amount of health generated through spells and effects by 10%.

Howl of Terror will no longer be a talent and it is back as a baseline spell for all specializations of Warlocks.

The talent replacement for Howl of Terror is called Demonic Breath. It’s a snare with a 20 second cooldown that is done in the form of a shadow damage cone.

Kil’jaden’s Cunning is no longer a passive ability. It has a duration of 15 seconds and it has a cooldown of 1.5 minutes. Same thing applies to Mannoroth‘s Fury.

Warrior‘s Enrage will now also trigger on crits from both Shield Slam and Devastate. Furthermore, Shattering Throw no longer costs anything.

Enraged Regeneration has been buffed. It will now instantly heal the warrior for 10% of their total health (originally 5%) and an additional 10% over 5 seconds (originally 5%.)

Vigilance no longer will transfer the damage to the Warrior. It will now just reduce the amount of damage that a target takes by 30% for 12 seconds.

Arms Wars will have their Slam deal an additional 10% damage to targets that are affected by Colossus Smash. Fury Wars can now use Titan’s Grip with polearms in WoW 5.4.

World of Warcraft patch 5.4 is bringing with it a ton of changes to the way a lot of classes work. I’m not too sure how I feel about the changes to Kil’jaden’s Cunning and Mannoroth’s Fury, but I’ll see how it plays out.

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